About Me

I am Edward Henning. I live in Tampa, west coast of Florida. I work as a woodworking machine operator full time and I here is my blog Wishaw Juniors. This place I want to share with you about trips and journeys through the world of me and my friends

I am also a traveller who love long and short journey to diffrent parts of the world and meet many strange people. I would like to share my experience about many trips and places I have been through. I hope that my experience can give any readers some inspirations and motivations to start any journey they want and travel to discover more about how life and this world moving.

The only thing I regret was not starting my trip earlier in my life, in the past I was busy with my work and my relationship. I always told myself that when everything was completed I will be on my way and be my own. But I was wrong and now I believe I should start earlier.

My motto is: Everybody get only one life so live it right !

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